the software

Son of TZ jim

Baby-version of our JingleMachine ;-)
OK, sure, sample-rate is only 8kHz now and
triggers can be very (s)low this way, but hey, it werkz,
without real-audio, on any soundcard. And try your F-keys too!

TZ-jim (a win95-version of similar nature) is available here.
It loads and plays high-quality WAV-files at lightspeed!

That java-crap takes a lot of time to load,
but this one was worth the wait, right?

Ja je bent gek of je bent sicko...
Er zou eigenlijk nog meer test-stuff on this page zijn,
ware 't niet dat we daar nou net totaal geen trek meer in hadden
na de gridbag-ellende van deze class...

jim.class was created by JTHZ
copyright 04-1997